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Thursday, December 31, 2009

GetToKnowThe Book: Wrapped in a Rainbow by Delyse Rodrigues-Trink

Do you remember the first time when life threw you a major curve ball? I certainly do!

I was devastated not to get accepted into the program I wanted at the University I desired. I had to scramble to make an alternate choice which led me to go down a different career path. I eventually realized that life can not be completely planned out and that change is not a dreadful thing.
For Kristy, the main character of my book, she’s got the college degree she wants, she’s even got her first job after graduating, but it’s not what she expected and complications arise. Should she stick to her well-mapped out schedule for life or go against her cautious nature and chuck it all in for a temporary job in the Bahamas?
For some of us adventure and spur of the moment decisions are an integral part of our life. For others, we crave stability and order. There is no way that is necessarily better. The premise of my novel is what if you take that leap into the unknown, it might prove to be the best thing you’ve ever done or be something you’ll forever regret. Read Kristy’s story as she embarks on a journey that ultimately transforms her life.


Kristy fled hurriedly back to her desk, feeling sickened, humiliated and angry all at the same time. She grabbed her coat and purse and announced to the other girls that she was taking an early lunch.
Kristy left her office building in a daze; her mind was preoccupied trying to make sense of what just happened. She spent her lunchtime walking around aimlessly. She knew that there was no way she had been dressed provocatively for work the other day and that is what made her furious. She felt sick at the thought of going in to work each day to face the man who had just propositioned her, and also threatened her chance for advancement in the company. Kristy felt her well-planned life crumbling around her. This wasn’t the way she pictured her life going! Hard work was supposed to help you get promoted; she would never dream of climbing the ladder any other way. She felt stymied, if she quit now it would look bad on her résumé to a future employer.

Although feeling reluctant to return to work, Kristy somehow finished off the rest of the day, glad for once of the monotony of it that didn’t require her to think. Leaving that day she decided to not share what had happened to her. This was her problem to work out and she would think it through herself before letting anyone else know.

After work she and Chris had planned to go to dinner and then see a movie. They had arranged to meet at a quaint restaurant in Old Montreal which specialized in serving stuffed crepes as appetizers, entrees, and delectable desserts. As Kristy strolled through the cobblestone streets in this section which were meant only for pedestrians, she once again marvelled at what a remarkable city it was. Weekdays or weekends, days, evenings, and nights the city was always alive with people rushing to work or classes or just walking around enjoying the atmosphere. Kristy remembered how many times she and Barbara or some of her other friends had whiled away hours walking down St. Catherine’s Street peering into the shop windows or just people-watching. She would definitely miss this diverse city even if she was away from it only temporarily.

Over dinner, however, Chris began talking about their future together and this, together with what had happened earlier at work, made Kristy’s decision clear.

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