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Friday, February 19, 2010

GetToKnowTheBook: 'Clandestine Eyes' by Mary Corrales

Ever have an erotic dream that became reality? I have sensual dreams from time to time…lucky me. One particular dream became my inspiration for my contemporary erotica, Clandestine Eyes..

The heated caresses and passion was so stunning in its intensity that I knew I had to write everything I could down before I lost the details. Besides, let’s face it that when you wake up hot and bothered you have to do something about it. In the morning, the characters themselves spoke so clear to me when I asked the basic questions of who are you and why are you together that I completed their story within two days.

Now not every dream is worth getting up for and scribbling down on a piece of paper in the middle of the night with barely one eye opened. But then, a covert agent like Rob Larsen doesn’t always enter your dreams for an intense interlude in his truck. Do I have you curious? Well then allow me to share a scene with you that gives you a taste of the connection between Rob and his protégé, Coreen Evans.

She sagged in his arms as the last of the tremors worked their way through her. He rolled the window down a few inches as droplets of condensation dripped from the windows. She doubted that anyone who drove by might think the phenomena to be natural.

They stayed cuddled together for several minutes, at ease, waiting for their heartbeats to settle. A niggling of embarrassment tinged her enjoyment, as she relived her aggressive behavior. She still couldn’t explain the hunger that had consumed her.

“Are you okay?” Rob asked.

Coreen gazed up at him, realizing that he hadn’t expected their interlude to have been so intense. She smiled, glad that her actions hadn’t shocked him. She wasn’t accustomed to such behavior from herself with a man she hardly knew. They might have worked closely together on several assignments for the last ten months as she trained, but that didn’t mean they knew each other personally.

“I’m fine.” Thank goodness they’d agreed on rules to this part of their relationship before they’d done anything. Yeah, rules kept operatives safe, especially when neither of them could afford to lose their hearts much less their status.

The prequel to Clandestine Eyes is also now available through Breathless Press and is titled Dangerous Moves. Both stories can be found at the Breathless Press or on my website.

Thank you for letting me share a bit of my night experiences with you. I love reader questions and comments.

Contact me anytime through my website:

Mary Corrales


  1. Thanks for having me here, Suzannah. You're readers are the best. :)

  2. GREAT Blog, Mary! I LOVE your books! The Sensuality scorches the pages! And your characters are unforgettable! Ive read every one, and all I can say is: MORE, please!!!!!

    hugs, Kari Thomas Paranormal Romance Author

  3. Whew, nice steamy excerpt in more ways than one. Wish I had those dreams, you lucky gal. Now that you have made me envious, I'm going to have to read the story. Hmm. Maybe the story will jump start a few dreams for me.

  4. So, Mary, are you saying you get all your ideas while sleeping. Sounds too easy to be true.
    A great post!
    Amber Polo

  5. Kari - It's a great compliment to have such a great author as yourself, reading my books. Thank you.

    Lorrie - Thanks for coming by. I wish you all the steamy dreams your heart desires. :)Good luck with your release of GYPSY CRYSTAL on March 7th.

  6. Hi Amber,

    Are you suggest I'm inspired in other ways while in bed? Lol. Great that you stopped by. Thanks.