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Saturday, January 30, 2010

GetToKnowTheBook: "DHAMPIR PASSIONS" by Mary Corrales


Long ago while doing researching, I ran across an obscure reference to the brother of Vlad Dracula. It was nothing more than a single sentence and yet I wondered about this mysterious brother, Radu. I never found much more than obscure references to his existence, so I decided to reawaken him into life in a futuristic setting. The idea was for him to reemerge because a thief has robbed the gravesite of his family and stolen the Draculesti Bloodstone.

Radu exists in a futuristic time where the world has been devastated by a world nuclear war, which has caused sterility and mutations. Radu meet Linea and as with most relationships, he never suspects Linea Kamiya will become his lover and he’ll lose his heart to her.

I wondered throughout the story what Radu would do about Linea since she’d been bitten by the evil vamp master, Desmondi. Radu is after all a vampyr hunter? I saw the connection between Radu and Linea beyond the physical lust, but I still feared for her. I didn’t know how she’d have a future with him.

Well like most enigmatic men, when you capture their hearts, they often love far more intensely and deeper than others. Radu was no exception and proved to be a hero any woman would love to call her own, even in a hellish future.


He released the moonstone and touched her shoulder. Soft feminine

skin, and the scent of sweet grasses, annihilated his willpower. He swept

her up into his arms and carried her to the bed.

He laid her down gently, following her down and lying by her side.

He listened for a moment to the loud thump of her mortal heart,

powered by desire and fear. In the hours she’d been unconscious he’d

watched her, memorizing every breath and expression that crossed her

sleeping face.

It’s a quirk of mine that I love combining genres and finding unique characters that are unknown to most readers. Dhampir Passions is for anyone who loves anything paranormal, futuristic, erotic, or romantic. It is available at Eternal Press in ebook form or through Amazon in print.

Readers can contact me via my website:


  1. HI Mary, GREAT post! I love this book ---it's absolutely impossible to put down once you start reading it. Radu is the ultimate hero, and Linea is his perfect match. I have only one little complaint: the world you've built around their love story is so incredibly fascinating and I want to see more of it. WHEN is the next book???

    hugs, Kari

  2. Hi Mary,

    Congratulations with all your success with Dhampir Passions. It is a wonderful read!


  3. Great post, Mary. I love stores combining different genres. Best of luck with Dhampir Passions!

  4. I loved the excerpt and especially love how you've combined three of my favorite romance genres: paranormal, futuristic and erotic.


  5. Kari - So glad you like it. You aren't the first to ask for the next book and I'm definitely considering a sequel. :)

    Maggie - Thank you so much, Maggie! I'm hoping it becomes as successful as your, Angel of Windword. :)

    Cate - Great to see you! Combining different genres is just load of fun.

    Arianna - So glad you liked the excerpt! I so adore Radu. Which you can probably tell. Lol.