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Saturday, January 9, 2010

GetToKnowTheBook: 'No Matter Why' by Joanna Aislinn


NO MATTER WHY, my debut novel, will be available in digital and print from The Wild Rose Press, January 15, 2010!

A little background:

Trust and stability became empty words the day motherless, sixteen-year-old Carrie Norwell came home to find her brothers murdered. Within moments, her father arrived and his heart gave out at the scene. Five years later, is it any wonder the walls with which she's barricaded her heart are virtually impenetrable to anyone looking to get close and offer what she wants more than anything? The security only a loving family can give? Or someone with whom to build her own?


Carrie couldn’t drive home fast enough. She shifted into park and was barely through the door when the phone rang. She hadn’t noticed her aunt’s car in the driveway. Carrie quickly spread her saturated coat across the hooks and ran for the nearest handset. “Hello?”
"You’re out of breath. I should have waited another five minutes.”
“Who…?” Carrie recognized Billy Jay’s voice. The guy was resourceful. “Why are you calling me?”
“Just wanted to say hi. Talk a little. You know, get to know each other.”
“Didn’t you say I had time to think?”
“Thirty minutes wasn’t enough?” He gave her no time to answer. “Don’t shake your head like that. It might fall off.”
She stopped short. Billy Jay had already shown up at work. Why wouldn’t he stop by her home?
He kept talking. “Could you imagine all that wavy hair and those big green eyes of yours sticking out of the ground without the rest of you attached?”
She found her bearings. “You’re crazy.”
“Only about you, Angel-girl.”
The sweet words warmed Carrie. “Will you not call me that, please?” She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. “Better yet, don’t call me.”
“Obviously, I’m past that point.”
Obviously, Carrie was getting nowhere. She remembered Jessica’s comment about Monica. “Since you insist on talking, explain how you excuse this behavior to your girlfriend.” Carrie’s hands shook, but she kept her voice steady.
“What girlfriend?”
Behind gritted teeth Carrie stifled a not so nice response. Had Billy Jay been there in person, she might have mustered just enough nerve to reach up, grab his oversized shoulders and give him a good hard shake. “Would Monica approve of you following another girl around and calling her at home?”
“Monica?” Billy Jay’s surprise sounded genuine. “What makes you think I’d even look at someone other than the girl I’m dating?”
Carrie struck a nerve. His persistence had already dug through her last one. “What else am I supposed to think? You were with her at the diner.”
A short silence prefaced Billy Jay’s whistle. “Amazing. Jess kept something to herself.”
His unexpected change in attitude threw Carrie off guard. “What are you talking about?”
“I broke things off with Monica the next day. I’m free to pursue any girl I choose.”
Carrie chewed her inner lip. “Lucky you. Choose somebody else.”

About the Author:

Joanna Aislinn is an avid reader whose writing roots stretch back to her early teenage days. Life got in the way until ten years ago, when the story playing out in her head insisted she put it down on virtual paper. She's been writing and honing her craft ever since. No Matter Why (The Wild Rose Press), Joanna's debut novel is now available in print and electronic versions! At present, she’s busy revising its sequel, learning all she can about promo, building her web presence and finding time to work a day job and manage a home along with everything else!

Order your print copy of NO MATTER WHY at any of the following: (digital copies available here, too, beginning 1/15)
Author's Website


  1. Congrats on your release, Joanna! Great excerpt. Wishing you tons of sales.

  2. Good morning. Congratulations on the release and many sales.

  3. Hi Joanna, congrats on your debut novel! I'm sure it's just the start of a long and wonderful career!

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Joanna, congrats on your debut novel! I'm sure it's the start of a long and wonderful career as a romance novelist!

    Best wishes,

  5. Hi, Joanna! I hear you. I think promo is tougher than writing. I, too, have a sequel coming out this year after my first book last year. Great good luck on sales, it sounds good!

  6. Thanks for sharing with us, Joanna! The book sounds wonderful.

  7. Thanks to every one of you who stopped by, all of you who commented, those of you who e-mailed me privately and those of you who fill me in word-of-mouth. I am grateful and incredibly humbled by the support and kindness you all show me. Hope those of you who choose to read enjoy and get back to me w/ruthless feedback I can incorporate into my upcoming works!

    Thanks again, Suzannah, for having me!

  8. You are welcome anytime on Romance Alley, Joanna.