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Friday, May 21, 2010

GetToKnowTheBook: 'Red Moon Clan' by Chérie De Sues

As a child, my parents traversed the United States along route 66 to New England from California every summer. My father loved to stop at the Indian reservations and tour the ruins, buy blankets and converse with the Native Americans. I grew to have a fondness and respect for the heritage and culture of these unique people.

When I decided to write a novel that included the Native American culture, I did a great deal of research on the legends and lore of the Navajo people. Using fiction and fact, I melded my story and created a shapeshifting, Navajo medicine man. His name is Neol and he is a bounty hunter in the state of Oregon.

The first book of the trilogy is how Neol finds his one true mate. Sara is a district attorney and has been marked for death. Neol and Sara run together through the Oregon forest, knitting together clues to why she's a target.
I really enjoy the Oregon coastline and have spent time rummaging around the rivers and ocean. The sequoias are magnificent and I use my knowledge of the rough terrain all through the storyline.

Each of the three novels will follow the three Navajo cousins as they find their one true mate. The next of the stand alone series will be about Tze (pronounced TZ) and how he finds his mate. Most of the book will take place on the massive tri-state Navajo reservation.

I've spent many days in the desert and on Native American soil. I can't wait to share this with romance readers, the adventure will be fantastic. I will bring more of the spiritual beliefs into book II after hearing readers' requests to do so. I'm thrilled that Tales of the Red Moon Clan has received such excellent reviews. I will not let readers down; Tales II will have the same roller coaster ride and deep passion as the first novel.

Author's Blog:


  1. Thank you for having me on Romance Alley. I'm a huge fan and love your series, "Get To Know The Book."

  2. You are welcome, Cherie! Happy to have you on RA. And give the chance to readers to enjoy and get to know your book 'Red Moon Clan'.

  3. Cherie, Great insight into your life and the series. I enjoyed reading about the background of your writing.

  4. (English_For_You)
    Fantastic interview! It is great to know a little more about Cherie De Sues so that we, her readers, can understand more about what "makes her tick"! (smile)

    I enjoyed the first book in the "Red Moon Clan" series immensely and I am waiting impatiently for the next one. I am impatient but I know that it will be worth waiting for! One thing is certain: with her series "Red Moon Clan" Cherie De Sues has created her own "tribe" of loyal fans! (smile)
    Keep up the good work!