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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Review: 'The 12 Day of Christmas' by Linda Swift

Author: Linda Swift
Genre: Romance
Heat Level: Sweet
Number of Pages: 86
Number of Words: 50,265
Author's Website:

Reviewed by Desiree Rogers: This is a sweet story that is sure to satisfy you holiday sweet tooth. The beginning of the story is a bit slow, with a lot of back-story I feelt is better dispersed through the book.
The characters are easy to relate to, the problems they face something that everyone has gone through at one time or another. Leigh as a heroine though does take a bit of warming up, her coldness a bit off putting, but you can understand her situation and feel her pain as you get to know her. Russell is swoon worthy as a hero, even when the past mistakes are revealed. The children are characterized well, holding their own and not cut-outs as in so many other stories. They add an element to the story, a depth that would be missing otherwise. The true delight is Me-Me and her feisty personality. Reminding me a lot of my own grandmother and how she was, I fell in love with her character. My one disappointment is the arson angle. I expected more from the way it had been set-up, but it doesn’t keep me from enjoying the story.

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