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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Review: The Chosen by Jenika Snow

Aleksei is feared by all who cross paths with him. He is the great ruler of a race of immortal vampires known as the Blood Breed. Setting eyes on Lana for the first time sets off unquenchable desires that Aleksei has never experienced in his existence.

One night out leads to a destiny that will forever change Lana's life. It was an immediate attraction to Aleksei, feelings so strong they left her body on fire, so intense she didn’t know if it was real.

When an age old prophecy brings Lana and Aleksei together, nothing can stop the unbreakable bond that weaves itself into their lives, and when an unseen predator threatens to take away Lana, Aleksei will stop at nothing to destroy all who stand in his way from making Lana his.

Reviewed by Suzannah Safi: An excellent read! Author Jenika Snow weaved a tale of sexy and intriguing tale of a paranormal romance. A vampire to die for and with, you wouldn't mind.
Aleksei and Lana beautifully tailored for each other, the characters well developed and loved. As well, I must say that, the secondary characters in the story were not forgotten and the author developed them well and with the same intrigue. A story of a sexy as hell vampire and a heroine deserves finding love with a blood sucking vampire. The sex and passion will set your body on fire and make you wish your name was Lana, I know I did :). The writing is smooth, and the well written plot will make you read till the end. I gave this story an Excellent Book Golden Heart. Well deserved Jenika!

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