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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Author's Tip: Subject-Verb Agreement Made Easy-->Romance Alley

The following informations I gathered from Writer's Relief,Inc and I thought it's helpful for any writer who would like to know more about Subject-Verb Agreement. Writer's Relief, Inc. is a highly-recommended author's submission service. Established in 1994, Writer's Relief will help you target the best markets for your creative writing. Visit their Web site at to receive their FREE Writers' Newsflash which contains valuable leads, guidelines, and deadlines for writing in all genres.

Subject-Verb Agreement Made Easy

When the subject of a verb is singular, the verb should be expressed in its singular form.

2. When the subject of a verb is plural, the verb should be expressed in its plural form.

3. Use the singular verb form when the subject ends in -body, -one, -thing, or is preceded by each, every, many a, or one of.

Example: Has anyone heard from Bill? Each one of you is in trouble.

4. Use the plural verb form when the subject is preceded by both, many, few, several, or others.

Example: Several of the pizza ingredients are too spicy for me.

5. A plural verb is always required after you.

6. If the subject consists of two or more words that are connected by and or both...and, the subject is plural and requires a plural verb.

Example: George and Jack are going to the movies. Both the boys' and girls' rooms are being redecorated.

6a. Exception: When a singular subject is connected by the word "and," use the singular verb.

Example: Macaroni and cheese is my dinner on Wednesday nights.

7. Use the singular verb form when the subject consists of two or more singular words that are connected by or, either...or, neither...nor, or not only...but also. If the subject consists of two or more plural words connected by the above words, a plural verb is required.

8. Intervening phrases and clauses should be ignored when determining agreement between a subject and verb.

Example: The bag of chips was ripped open.

9. A sentence with both a positive and negative subject should use a verb that agrees with the positive subject. The negative subject can be set apart with commas unless it's preceded by and or but.

Example: Ballet, not tap, is her favorite dance.

10. These pronouns (all, most, more, none, some, or any) may have a singular or plural verb, depending on the of phrase.

Example: Most of my story is completed. Most of my submissions were to poetry journals.

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