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Sunday, November 29, 2009

GetToKnowTheBook: Author Kari Thomas 'Her Heart His Soul'

I love writing in the Paranormal Romance genre. There are so many possibilities and plot ideas you can come up with, and you have the chance to turn a story into something so out-of-this-world readers won't soon forget it. Most of my books have Shapeshifter Heroes, yet when Drake Domitaine popped into my head I somehow knew he just wouldn't work as a Shifter. He was different. He had the Alpha bad boy side, but there was something that called out to me that said there's more than devil in this hero. That's when it hit me. He's an Angel. But he wasn't full angel; not anymore. Something horrific had happened to cause his DNA to be part Angel...and part Demon. Now, while facing the daunting task of saving humankind from Demon annihilation, he has to constantly fight an inner battle between his good side and his bad side. If his Angel side wins, he loses the human woman he's fallen in love with. If his Demon side wins...he will kill her.
Readers have told me that Drake is one hero so unique, so heroic, so sexy, they won't ever forget him. Hearing that, I know Drake was written just the way he needed to be. What woman could resist a man half-Angel and half-Demon?



He called to her in her dreams. She didn’t doubt she was dreaming because never in all her waking hours had she ever felt this way. It couldn’t be real. No matter how desperately she wanted it to be. The hard angles of his outline were visible even though he stood back in the concealing shadows of her night-filled bedroom. Slowly he lifted his hand, beckoning her.

“Come closer.” His quiet tone was darkly sensual, hinting at a promise that sent shivers through her entire body.

“Who are you?” She cringed at the sound of her breathless voice. He was the one causing her to feel that way—breathless, shivery—and she hadn’t even seen his face.

“Maybe I’m the one you’re searching for.” His hypnotic voice beckoned her closer and she couldn’t resist. She moved toward him before she even realized it. She forced herself to stop a foot away from his shadowy form. Too close, yet not close enough. Her mind warred with her body, leaving her confused at the sensual power he so easily wielded, and fighting a desire threatening to envelop her completely. Forcing air into her lungs, she breathed out, “Why are you the one I’m searching for?”

Only a few words, but they had the compelling power to send her senses into overdrive.

“Because you need me.”

Author's website

ISBN: 1-60601-327-0
March 2009
Print and Ebook
Paranormal Romance with Angels and Demons,
Approx. 83,000 words.


  1. Yes, he's definitely different. I love this prologue. It's tone is surreal and the ending statement wakes you up with a thrilling jolt. Julie

  2. Wow Kari great prologue teases the reader into wanting more.

  3. Great concept! It really grabbed my attention. I'm looking forward to reading it.

  4. Its a great book, Kari! Definitely going into my TBR list!

  5. Sounds like a great story, Kari. I love the concept of half Angel, half Demon.

  6. Sounds like a real sizzler! He can fire up my dreams anytime!