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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

GetToKnowTheBook: Worth Every Breath by Suzannah Safi

As an author, my characters visit me every day I write.
A cup of coffee is one of the must-have items before I start writing every morning. As I sat ready to write, I heard a soft voice I recognized as Annabelle, the heroine in my novel. "Don't you think he's better off with a nurse, or someone who knows about these kinds of cases? I'm not a medical professional."

I turned my head and saw Jack entering the room, shaking his head. "Listen, maybe you're right. Maybe it's not such a good idea. I'll find something else for you."

Chris appeared on a wheelchair, a scowl decorated his unshaved face. "Why is she here? I want her out of my house!"

At that moment a headache started to pound, and I reached to squeeze the pain out. That's when I heard Jack say, "I told you he is going to reject you."

I got up from my chair, and went to get something for that headache, caused by my characters fighting, which I should have brought earlier with my coffee to think of it. Yes, characters talk to us authors, sometimes they don't and we end up with a writers block, and you know what, sometimes it's a blessing LOL.

I came back after I took the pill for my headache, and sat ready to write what my characters are eating my brain for, maybe then; I could get rid of their voices.

"She's still here," complained Chris.

Refusing to talk to any of my characters, I just closed my eyes for a second. Fingers on my keyboard, I started to get the voices out and on the white screen of my computer.

"I can make his wish come true, I'll get rid of her." Damien stood near the door and smoothed his black coat, lips twisted into a cynical smile.

Every one in the room swung their heads toward him, including me. I took a deep breath, and tried so hard to restrain from strangling Damien.

"I'm afraid my leaving isn't up to any of you." Annabelle tucked a stray curl of her strawberry-red hair behind her ear, determination etched into her delicate face.

Take a deep breath, I told myself and started writing…

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This is a scene between Chris and Annabelle:

"Let go of me," she said, fearing what might happen next.
Chris tightened his grip on her back and drew her closer to him. Her wet blouse stuck to her body, and his broad, naked chest touched hers. Annabelle could feel his heart racing against her chest and his breathing grew faster. "And what if I didn't?" His eyes didn't leave hers." I didn't put you in this position. Your clumsiness did. I saved your life." Obviously, he aimed to anger her so she'd leave. His serious tone held something else she didn't understand. She didn't know her body's reaction -whether she enjoyed the closeness of his body or churned by anger at his teasing. No, she was definitely enjoying this.

Worth Every Breath available in e-book and paperback.
Publisher : The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Novella Length: 200 pages
Heat Level: Hot

Worth Every Breath is available now from or you can order it from your local book store. Author's website

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